Are you disposing your retired IT assets responsibly and securely?

Common IT Asset Management Challenges

Recognize any of these issues holding your people and your business back?

  • Companies risk data breaches by disposing retired assets into a landfill.
  • Lack of an asset disposal policy.
  • Formatting drives overwrites indexed tables, but may not delete actual data.
  • Companies lack the tools to delete all data and sanitize media.
  • Vendor chain of command removal issues.

Logista's IT Asset Management Solutions

Electronic equipment, including IT assets, can be an immense security threat for any business.
Constant advances in computer, server, smartphone, and laptop technologies make IT equipment obsolete and must be disposed of regularly.

Disposal must comply with environmental regulations and a bigger concern is data security – ensuring that sensitive data is permanently erased.

  • Logista’s R3 Asset Disposition services are R2 certified
  • DOD 5220.00-M Secure Wiping Standard for compliant erasure of data
  • Proper disposal of ecologically sensitive materials
  • Asset disposal policy
  • Inventory management, packing and removal
  • Secure chain-of-custody

Microsoft Refurbishing

Logista is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. We have the experience and processes to ensure your assets are retired with your business security and environmental impacts in mind.


  • Save money by refurbishing older equipment. Or donate your retired assets to a school or charity


  • Thinking of selling? We can help you get top dollar for your retired equipment.


  • Minimize your environmental impact by salvaging useable components.

What is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher?

A Microsoft Registered Refurbisher is officially licensed to rehabilitate and resell Microsoft products. Logista is registered to license Microsoft software on refurbished equipment, saving our customers time and money.

How much can I expect to make or save by refurbishing older IT assets?

On average, you can expect nearly 30-50% cost savings by refurbishing your older IT equipment.

Depending on the type and number of IT assets, companies can make tens of thousands of dollars by refurbishing and re-selling their older IT equipment. Along with cost savings, Logista customers know that their IT assets will be refurbished and disposed of properly.

Logista R3 Asset Disposition Services Gives You Options

Let’s have a conversation about your asset disposition needs.