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Office printing is something you probably don’t spend time thinking about… until there’s a problem. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being on an important deadline and finding the printer down. Whether it’s a paper jam or an empty toner cartridge, it doesn’t matter. We’ve all experienced needing to print something at the last minute and not being able to because the printer is out of order.

Today, most offices are equipped with multifunction devices that can handle printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. When you’re MFP goes down, it can literally cause work to stop until the issue is resolved. 

In this post, we are going to offer some simple tips to help you reduce the anxiety of office printer and copier downtime!

• Right Size Your Device – Make sure the printer you choose is right for your needs. This is determined by the number of users, the monthly volume, and peak work periods. If 250 workers are relying on a single desktop device for their printing, you’re going to experience downtime due to overworking the device.

• Integrate Apps – Inexpensive software add-ons can make your MFP perfect for any document needs. By integrating software designed for your device, you can avoid errors that can come up because of incompatibility issues.

• Enable AI-Driven Features – Technology has advanced to the point where some modern MFPs can notify your provider when toner is running low. This can save time and the inconvenience of running out of toner at a crucial time. These modern devices also offer built-in AI diagnostics and communications technology. If these devices sense a non-user-related problem, they will automatically call for help!

• Build-In Redundancy – You likely have more than one device in your office. Easy-to-use applications offer the ability to direct jobs to available printers. This can increase document security and cuts unnecessary printing significantly.

These simple steps can help you reduce downtime and maximize the productivity of your print fleet.

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